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»in Widerspruch, zusammen«

Eröffnung: 23.03.2019, 11-14 Uhr
Ausstellungsdauer: 26.03.-10.05.2019

© Aglaia Konrad

Under the title in Widerspruch, zusammen, Aglaia Konrad and Willem Oorebeek continue their careful examination of the status of the image, exploring the properties of the image in various, mutually influenced contexts.

Aglaia Konrad’s extensive archive is richly re-sourced, dealing with urbanism, architecture, sculpture, film. Lately, her interests have focused on so called “Rückbau” (building backward) processes that deal “with demolition as an unavoidable aspect of progress.
“Rückbau” as a sculptural process is a rather unique approach that allows the artist to not simply affirm demolition as an extended architectural practice, she even incorporates the physical debris as a sculptural gesture in relation to the image.

Willem Oorebeek’s work investigates the ways in which images are used in printed matter as an element of visual communication. His often serial works attempt to identify the subtle  shift in perception by means of intuitive changes in the organization of the elements, through printing.

Asstellung in Rahmen von FOTO WIEN