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»in Widerspruch, zusammen«

Eröffnung: 23.03.2019, 11-14 Uhr
Ausstellungsdauer: 26.03.-10.05.2019

Aglaia Konrad »IL CRETTO«, 2018
in Widerspruch,

The artists, Aglaia Konrad and Willem Oorebeek, explore the diversity of  their interests in the image to a degree, that, if necessary, would create contradiction (Widerspruch). Both departing from their respective disciplines like photography and print, deviations in the trajectory of image making have already constituted manyfold surprising off-spin, like sculpture, film, tapestry, blackouts etc.etc.
For this exhibition the intention is not to be looking for the most harmonious spacial presentation but surge for contradiction, clash, and

AGLAIA KONRAD is Austrian born, but trained abroad, as photographer, filmmaker. Since 1994 she lives, works and teaches in Brussels from which base she has established a full international artist praxis, amongst Dokumenta 10, Manifesta 9, Cities on the Move, her last survey show in an institution has been Museum M, Leuven in 2016. Numerous publications: A to K, Schaubuch: Skulptur, Carrara, Desert Cities, Iconocity, Elasticity.

WILLEM OOREBEEK(Pernis, 1953), investigates the image and its status in the way that the image is used in printed matter as an element of visual communication. Exactly the slight disturbance of communication through his printing methods make us aware of the non-logic in the image as inserted ‘to tell’ . His more known works that are entitled the BLACKOUT series fit exactly in this stratagem.

In spite of the years long collaboration-ship the two artists had never thought before of seeing their oeuvre as complementary, with the added notion in Widerspruch, zusammen, it seems to open the way for an exciting discursive, contradicting presentation.