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Opening: 12.01.2019 11AM
Exhibition: 15.01. – 01.03.2019

Photo © Zarko Aleksic
16 February  12 PM
Join us for our informal Artist Talk and Tea Saturday! Artists Aliki Braine and Josef Zekoff together with art historian and writer Heidrun Rosenberg will talk about their practices and works of their ongoing dialog exhibition.

»The Blind Surface«
In bringing together the work of Aliki Braine and Josef Zekoff in a single exhibition, the Raum mit Licht gallery is daring to broach a tentative connection: Braine (London) and Zekoff (Vienna) have never met before. They neither live in the same country, nor can they draw on a shared education or work in similar media. A discourse that connects their works is yet to be established - this exhibition is their introduction to each other.

Aliki Braine’s medium is analogue photography. To be more precise: it consists of light-sensitive silver halide, cellulose and polyester negatives. Nowadays, the medium of physical film is steeped in the nostalgic ‘charm’ of a bygone era. Braine treats this brusquely by piercing, cutting and folding the transparent coatings. Purposefully damaged by precise interventions, what was once taken for granted now gains an unmistakable presence, and the status of a corpus delicti.  The artist presents us ex negativo with the corruptibility of now-ubiquitous digital photography, which has long since sloughed off its material body, replacing it with code and algorithms. In her choice of photographed motifs, as well as in the way she works, Braine is guided by the Old Masters and starts from keystones of composition such as the golden section. Processed in this way these negatives then become the material of her actual work, elaborately produced prints in which the added erasures remain present as erasures, as a visible blind surface. They open themselves up to the vagaries of personal imagination or question the viewer critically about their own perspective.

What stands in the way of Josef Zekoff may be nothing more than what for a long time was the primary task of photography: contemporary witnessing and documentation. Instead, he has dedicated himself to the longue durée. His works are characterised by a calm analytical view that strips the present of all excitement and measures it against what is permanent.
His themes are the original image formulas of human culture.

For this he uses traditional techniques of painting and drawing or works with the medium of carefully hand-drawn wood prints. His works surprise in content and form with a bold attempt at reduction, and are impressive in their concentration and decisiveness. One might describe them as archaic, mythical, occasionally laconic.
What remains is what is necessary. The surface of the paper adjusts the depicted object, fixes it, supports it. Here it is again, the mere surface, the blind surface that generates the Proustian moment and invites the viewer to immerse themselves in private poetry and reflections on their own location.

Revealing without pronouncing could be a concern that Josef Zekoff and Aliki Braine share; another may be the disturbance of the expected, a third the search for resistance in a world of constant visual temptation.

(Text Heidrun Rosenberg)

ALIKI BRAINE (*1976, Paris) studied at The Ruskin School of Fine Art, Oxford University, The Slade School of Fine Art, London and The Courtauld Institute of Art where she was awarded a distinction for her masters in 17th century painting.
Her work is interested in exploring the physical nature of photographic images. Often folding, drawing with ink, punching holes or overlaying her negatives with adhesive labels, she seeks to acknowledge the photograph as an object and the image as a construct.      
Recent exhibitions include solo and two person shows London, Vienna, Madrid and Paris and group exhibitions including: ‘The Living’s Easy’, Flowers East, London, 2006, ‘On the (im)possibility of a pure praise poem’, Man & Eve Gallery, London 2013, ‘Behind the Non-Colours’, Galerie Voss, Düsseldorf, Germany, 2013 and ‘Material Light’, Kulturni Centar, Belgrade, Serbia, 2015.
Aliki is an associate lecturer for Camberwell College of Art, University of the Arts London and a regular speaker at the National Gallery, the Wallace Collection, Christie’s Education and The Arts Society, UK.

JOSEF ZEKOFF (*1977 in Vienna), is a painter and draughtsman.
His works are shown in numerous international exhibitions, among others:
8th Salon (Hamburg/D), Warhus Rittershaus (Cologne/D), Zumikon - Institute for Modern Art (Nuremberg/D), Salon Dahlmann (Berlin/D), Marc Straus Gallery (New York/USA), Meliksetian | Briggs (Los Angeles/USA), MUSA - Wien Museum (Vienna/A), Centro Cultural de Almanc (Almancil/POR), Galerie Hammelehle and Ahrens (Cologne/D).
Recent solo exhibitions at Galerie KNUSTxKUNZ+ (Munich/D), September 2018 and Sunday-S Gallery (Copenhagen/DK), June 2018.
2010 Harpune Verlag is founded in Vienna together with Sarah Bogner as an extended form of artistic cooperation. More than 70 publications and exhibitions have been created so far.