Galerie Raum mit Licht



Raum mit Licht represents an ongoing engagement with Austrian and international artists who work in and with the medium of photography and, more specifically, artists who explore, expand and redefine the borders of the medium. The gallery does not pursue the final image in the usual sense but the possibilities inherent to the medium, which includes engaging with found footage, collage or drawing.

With an agenda to pursue a relationship between sculptural spaces — which are always also architectural, social and physical spaces — and photographic surfaces, the gallery focuses on artists who disclose the formal conditions of their discursive and technical background in shaping the space and positioning of the photographic moment. Addressing the transformation of reality as what appears in the medium of photography takes the place of documentary images and the reproduction of atmospheric pictorial spaces. The focus of interest is on the image as an expression and end product of an artistic process — from the fall of the light on the texture of the image via the condensing of the surface into an interior space to the dissolution of the basic parameters and the independent character of the work. As a space to explore these processes, the gallery engages with the collection and exhibition of works that develop the unassuming everyday contradictions with reflection, and who render the dynamics between the duration of an installation and the history of its making comprehensible.

The gallery defines itself as a space for a diversity of forms of expression for the photographic image. Light is shed on its various manifestations as the subject of research. The aim being to make the transitory mediality of the real within the borders of representation, so providing a narrative for the building and transformation of identity.