Galerie Raum mit Licht


Georgia Creimer

In her exhibition, with the lapidary title Mind / Mirror / Calf, Georgia Creimer will show works from two different series for the first time in Vienna, in which the alternating transfers between nature and culture, as well as between mental or emotional and artistic space are explored.

Most of the exhibited photographs to be shown are from the series Linse, a series that has been in progress since 1999. In this series, Georgia Creimer “measures” and plumbs the depths of spatial structures using a concave mirror. The mirror (with a diameter of 50 cm), which is placed in various locations and then photographed, reflects the surrounding spaces with optical refraction introducing an unreal moment, perceived in the photograph itself as a round or oval “foreign body” that can be interpreted as either a shield, a thought bubble or even a mental state. The concave mirror serves here as a medium to open a new visual space, through which ultimately “reality can be reconstructed” (Creimer).

The dialog between culture and nature is also a central theme in objects with the title Kalb, of which there exist three variations. Following the contours of genuine calf hide, the artist creates a plaster wall and covers the lobe-shaped, round outlines with a transparent panel of Plexiglas. Framed in this way, the defamiliarized animal skins, through the seemingly Dadaistic combination of materials, evoke associations of surreal encounters resulting from the convergence of dead creature and artificial art object.

With her ideas about space with a social and psychological connotation evident in her work, Georgia Creimer (born in 1964 in São Paulo, living in Vienna since 1986) stands in a specific Brazilian tradition that deals with space, culture and society. However, in her works she continues in a sense than different to that of the South American Avant-garde of the 1960s and 70s by imparting a more intimate, introverted conception.

Patricia Grzonka