Galerie Raum mit Licht


MACHFELD (Sabine Maier | Michael Mastrototaro)


Opening: Wednesday 16 January 2013, 19:00
Exhibition: 17 January - 09 March 2013

Openingconcert "The Beautiful guests"
by Klaus Lang [Komposition | Harmonium]
with: Anna nA Kropfelder, Hristina tAK Takovska, Yulan cHU Yu

MACHFELD (Sabine Maier and Michael Mastrototaro)
OverView and SubDivision

When the duo MACHFELD takes over a gallery space it leads to the temporary establishment of a zone. One in which, through interventions and artifacts the complex structure of artistic work enfolds: a “work-field”, as the name chosen by Sabine Maier and Michael Mastrotoraro suggests, is the program at hand.

Space is always at the core of their artistic thoughts and manipulations independent of whether it is about a real, a construed or simply an imagined space. The insight gained from the exact observation of the spatial situation plays the decisive media tools into the hands of the protagonists with which the here and now as well as a transformation to a higher level can be created. In this sense the space itself acts as a vehicle of experience with which the necessary disposition is provided for to be lead through the world of MACHFELD.

The exhibition as a time-machine shows an overview of the divers work of MACHFELD. From the early photographic, film and object-like pieces through conceptual work, media installations and projects comprised  from trips taken together, to orchestrated productions of the “dust-age”, in which the ephemeral, that which is dissolving, that which has come to an end is being formed anew, is subdivided and restructured. Since Sabine Maier and Michael Mastrototaro are artists with varied talents it is also and exhibition about the gaze; or overview, one that can be seen from various angles looking at the same situation. This becomes visible in the works through already existing realities in far away countries under diverging continents.

Thought processes however change realities. In this case time plays a role. That which is experienced, out of which perception is derived and which must be subdivided in order to communicate it, lies in the nature of art – without reflective loss of insight – a division into the sense of separation depending on the situation can still be avoided in that one creates a sensory experience at the same time is not so easily done. This is MACHFELD's extraordinary achievement.