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in the context of curated by 2012

Opening: 20 September 2012, 19:00
Exhibition: 21 September - 25 October 2012

Aliki Braine / Käthe Hager von Strobele / John Hilliard / Ernst Koslitsch / Edgar Lissel / Michael Mastrototaro (MACHFELD) / Anna Mossman / Gregor Neuerer / Klaus Pamminger / Markus Hofer und Roman Pfeffer / Rini Tandon
»Negative Notebook Page 31-5-12« (2012) , 27×21cm ©Anna Mossman
So you should simply make the instant
Stand out, without in the process hiding
What you are making it stand out from.
Give your acting
That progression of one-thing-after-another,
That attitude of
Working up what you have taken on. In this way
You will show the flow of events and also the course
Of your work, permitting the spectator
To experience this Now on many levels...

(Bertolt Brecht, Portrayal of Past and Present in One)

Serving as a point of departure for the exhibition Prozesse (Processes) is Bertolt Brecht’s idea of a theater in which the present state is not isolated but is instead to be understood within the context of its generative process. With this in mind, the image is not to be considered an outcome, an artistic statement completing the work, but rather a part of a practice where processual openness and uncertain, “not-yet-concrete” states are the focal points. The way in which the artworks confront both the traces of their conception (documents, texts, drafts, etc.) and other artists is designed to invite the beholder to “experience” the individual work, along the lines of Brecht, “to experience on many levels” through a “flow of events.” Conceived as structure-altering modi, here processes are reflected upon in a dual sense. For instance, the social, mental, and aesthetic developments represented in the works of art are confronted with the actual conditions of art production. Traces of life, spaces of thought and memory, and mediatic points of intersection are the three axes along which the interrelationship between art and life is presented as one that remains open, transitory, and dynamic.

curated by_vienna is an ambitious project that commissions co-operations between Vienna’s leading contemporary art galleries and internationally renowned curators.

Now in its fourth year, curated by_vienna 2012 will be held in 21 galleries throughout the city, opening on September 20 and running until October 25.

This year’s project art or life: aesthetics and biopolitics, conceived by Eva Maria Stadler in cooperation with the galleries, explores the interconnections between work, economy, knowledge, and politics.