Galerie Raum mit Licht



Opening: Wednesday 22 May 2013, 19:00
Exhibition: 23 May - 29 July 2013

Aliki Braine, Georgia Creimer, Jonas Feferle, Käthe Hager von Strobele, Caroline Heider, 
Stephan Hilge, John Hilliard, Markus Hofer, Ernst Koslitsch, Friedl Kubelka, Edgar Lissel, 
Laura Medler, MACHFELD (Sabine Mayer, Michael Mastrototaro), Anna Mossman, 
Klaus Pamminger, Roman Pfeffer, Abigail Reynolds, Lindsay Seers, Jemima Stehli, 
Rini Tandon, Elisabeth Wildling, Anita Witek

Image © Amelie Chapalain
Seven Years Galerie Raum mit Licht

Raum mit Licht (Space with Light) – the name is the program.
The space appears to be the central object in a real as well as an imaginary way. The light, medium of sight and degree of time becomes photography through memory and repetition.

Galerie Raum mit Licht was established 7 (seven) years ago. Since its inception it has had a novel program. Photography and sculpture, two genres that at first glance seem to have little in common were to be shown.

Both mediums with their individual autonomy produced surprising synergies and went on to create a sophisticated program for the gallery.
In Kaiserstrasse there is an elegant, newly adapted gallery space and a romantic dilapidated workshop in the back, available for use. This is ideal to show photographic material as well as more expansive objects. And so, an atmosphere has been found for both and these have their continued presence in direct, interspersed connection with the artist.

In order to allow the desired approach to become more prominent, photography’s mediality has moved in every direction and its general function of the representation of reality has been openly challenged. Through contact with the artists, an inner development took place during the first few years of the gallery’s existence and this became exemplary in envisioning the medium. New technologies and experimental arrangements came into play and yet the (often manual) processing of the material became essential. What ultimately developed was a dimension of photography that can be viewed as a step within the realm of conceptual art. Photography is an act and exploration of the material itself and in this extension of the coordinates it also falls under the term scultural.

It is not necessarily about the medium photography itself as in l’art pour l’art, but rather as Walter Moser put it when quoting Moholy-Nagy in the publication “Fifteen Artists”, about the creation of new interactions.

New Interactions bring about new realities

In various artistic strategies the picture is cut up, glued together and photographed anew; it is scratched and marked on the negative and positive.

Reference to film, the installation as an object and the resonance of the spatial interventions are all possible.

Mirroring and ingenious body/camera junctions allow the artist and the viewer to be on the same level or open up imaginary worlds. Besides the topic of space or the almost sculptural element of the picture plane, time takes on a photographical element and becomes a theme in and of itself.

This central feature of photography, cutting out a few seconds of reality, opens the one individual picture for a narrative in time and history and can therefore be placed within the conceptual, serial work.
»Concept art« is synonymous with the potential of the medium itself, an expression for the individual’s complex life realities. 
This is where we feel the weight of the affinity to the intellectual understatement of British concept art.

There remains the option to tell ones story in sequence or inversion of photographic moments or fantasies and with it come abstraction, saturation and new connections. This is also the basis for the work by some of the Austrian artists represented by the gallery. 
The works are based solely upon themselves and the fragility of the concept of time and space demonstrates the artists’ tendency to do a self-check on reality.
Even the consistent processing of themes in small publications for the audience reflects this exposure to pictures. 

Over the years each individual artist has in his or her own way created a conceptual framework of their own creative act, which ultimately works as a self-reflection of themselves.
Subjectivity and self-reflection as the starting-point for every artistic act are also the benchmark for the often-impulsive arrangement of a gallery program.

7 is a primary number – it stands for the singular and the exceptional; that can be seen in every single artistic position.

The Galerie Raum mit Licht was always for the collective process. The artists put their stamp on the program, the various employees and colleagues could put in their two cents and so an active work-in-progress was created. Founder, director and team remain an open formation.

Text: Daniela Hölzl


Diplomausstellung in raum2
Eröffnung: Donnerstag 20. Juni 2013 von 18 - 21 Uhr
Ausstellungsdauer: 21. Juni - 29. Juni 2013


Raum ist eine interessante Sache; jeder davon ist einzigartig und birgt Verborgenes im Vorhandenen.
Jede Herangehensweise an Raum ist divergent, jedoch stets der klaren Intention folgend, Verborgenes im Vorhandenen durch das Zusammenspiel von Material, Form und Raum sichtbar in ein Verhältnis zueinander zu bringen. In dieser Trias stellt das Material jene Konstante dar, welche formal auf räumliche Spezifika reagiert, um eo ipso ein neues Verhältnis zu Raum herzustellen.

Im dreidimensionalen Raum wird das Material ( hier: Rechtecke aus 2mm starken Aluminiumplatten) temporär zu Fläche und Körper und verbirgt physisch erfahrbar Vorhandenes.
Im zweidimensionalen (Bild-) Raum wird das Material seiner Funktion nach als Trägermaterial selbst zum Verborgenen und erst durch mechanische Eingriffe im Bildraum permanent sichtbar.