Galerie Raum mit Licht




a cooperation between Galerie Raum mit Licht and EIKON
Exhibition: 09 –19 September 2014, Tue – Fri 11:00 – 18:00, Sat 11:00 – 14:00


What the frame achieves for the artwork is that it symbolises and bolsters the twofold function of its border — protection from outside and a united merging of the content within. It excludes settings and so also the viewer from the artwork, placing it at the right distance for it to be enjoyed as an aesthetic experience." (Georg Simmel)

Does the frame really create the distance required to experience an artwork aesthetically — i.e. sensually? Or does it not tend to hamper its reception by excluding the viewer and keeping them at a distance? This is the question UNFRAMED would like to discuss. Works are shown that engage with, in the broadest sense, photographic surfaces. Instead, though, of being held at a distance as is usually the case, visitors here literally come into contact with the artworks — by means of a playful approach to their display. UNFRAMED engages with lifting the dichotomy between the artwork on the one side and the viewer on the other. The aim is to bring the artwork to the body, to break open the frame and to overcome the traditionally prescribed distance. The mechanisms of the market are similarly challenged in UNFRAMED: artworks here can be purchased in the "classical" manner (even at affordable prices), while an Art Swap also provides both visitors and artists with an opportunity to renegotiate their values.

Participating artists:
Georg Aerni, Iris Andraschek, Diana Artus, Michael Aschauer, Gottfried Bechtold, Wout Berger, Renate Bertlmann, Nadja Bournonville, Vera Brandner, Georgia Creimer, Christoph Dahlhausen, Katrina Daschner, Inge Dick, Gregor Ecker, Titanilla Eisenhart, Lara Erel, eSeL, Lorenz Esterman, VALIE EXPORT, Jonas Feferle, Karin Fisslthaler, Thomas Florschuetz, Thomas Freiler, G.R.A.M., Elisabeth Grübl, Harald Gsaller, Käthe Hager von Strobele, Caroline Heider, Stephan Hilge, Tamara Horáková + Ewald Maurer, Bernhard Hosa, Edgar Honetschläger, Lukas Maximilian Hüller, Judith Huemer, Alfredo Jaar, Herwig Kempinger, Anastasia Khoroshilova, Ernst Koslitsch, Friedl Kubelka <> Friedl vom Gröller, Hans Kupelwieser, Sigrid Kurz, Paul Kranzler, Paul Albert Leitner, Branko Lenart, Ulrike Lienbacher, Edgar Lissel, Sabine Maier, Leonard Mandl, Anja Manfredi, Michael Mastrototaro, Michael Mauracher, Andreas Müller, Nasya Kopteva  & Sasha Braulov, Martin Osterider, Klaus Pamminger, Philipp Pesserl, Roman Pfeffer, Klaus Pichler, Lisl Ponger, Prinzgau/podgorschek, Abigail Reynolds, Ingrid Sandsborg, Lindsay Seers, Elfie Semotan, Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch, Jemima Stehli, Kamen Stoyanov, Michael Strasser, Ingeborg Strobl, Rini Tandon, Klaus Taschler, Josef Wais, Elisabeth Wildling, Robert Zahornicky, Gregor Zivic, Leo Zogmayer u.a


Tue 09.09. & Fri 19.09.2014, 4–6pm