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The gallery is closed from 20. December 2015 to 12. January 2016

The GALERIE RAUM MIT LICHT wishes you Happy Holidays!

Thank you for your interest and the trust you have shown us in the last year.
We look forward to seeing you again at the opening of the first exhibition in the New Year.
© Georgia Creimer
»Mond im Hof« Pigmentprint on Paper, Serie: Prints 4 each 16 x 21, Edition 20 + 2AP


Opening: 13. 01. 2016, 7pm
Exhibition: 14. 01 – 27. 02. 2016

»A PIECE OF SPACE, MATERIAL AND FORM.« is the second exhibition at Galerie Raum mit Licht by Jonas Feferle where the space itself becomes Feferle's partner in a dialogue and a stage, so to speak, for a play about a before, an after and a now.
The protagonists in this play (Space, Material and Form) already existed prior to this as features of his work, the artist informs us as we enter the exhibition, but only through their appropriation do they and their involvement shift into the field of vision.
Feferle appropriates the three by reworking the raw material, for instance, in the series RAUMTEILE: the soft, unforgiving surface of aluminium is cut, brushed and polished until the image appears in the space and the space in the image. These spaces do not cast the viewer back onto the surface but absorb them: allowing them to become part of it as reflections, enabling the perception of the space to be experienced as a participatory act.
However the material itself also becomes a space when Feferle intervenes in the architecture of the setting with his site-specific installation SPIECE 6, concealing features with the insertion of sheets of aluminium and emphasising concealed ones.
Where does the space begin? Where does it end?
Feferle does not provide any answers. He poses questions which we, as part of the space in the space, can pursue.

Text: Doris Pokitsch
Translation: Jonathan Quinn